Lite&Sweet Xylitol and Erythritol Sweetener – 1lb Bag

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Lite&Sweet outdoes other sweeteners and will helps you live a healthier and happier life.

  • Blend of Erythritol and Xylitol means less digestive discomfort than pure xylitol.
  • Non-GMO sourced ingredients so you know exactly what you’re eating.
  • 40% fewer calories to keep your healthy lifestyle on track.
  • Diabetic safe with a glycemic index of 3, compared with 65 for most table sugar.
  • Zero Carbohydrate Sweetener – 0 Grams Net Carbs Per Serving
  • May Reduce the Risk of Tooth Decay
  • Every Batch Tested in USA to Ensure the Highest Quality
  • Imported from USA

What is Lite&Sweet
Lite&Sweet is a special blend of two natural sweeteners, Xylitol and Erythritol. It has a similar taste and texture to sugar with 75% fewer calories. It is also a great sugar substitute for diabetics because it has a glycemic index of 3.

A delicious, low-calorie sweetener: Lite & Sweet is an excellent choice for those individuals looking for a natural sweetener with excellent health benefits that compares in taste to regular table sugar. Lite & Sweet is approximately 85% as sweet as table sugar and is an ideal alternative sweetener in foods prepared for weight loss or for anyone concerned about the overuse of sugar in their diet. Lite & Sweet’s low calorie characteristics are only the beginning of its nutritional benefits.

Low Glycemic Index: Lite & Sweet can be substituted for most common sweeteners without compromising taste or texture. Unlike so many other sugar alternatives, Lite & Sweet does not have any aftertaste and it is metabolized without insulin, so it creates a significantly lower glycemic effect when eaten. Regular sugar has a glycemic index score of 85 to 100 compared to Lite&Sweet’s glycemic index of 3. This is great news for anyone who has to control their sugar consumption and choose foods low in glycemic effects.

Health Benefits: Studies have found that the sweeteners blended in Lite & Sweet are easier on the digestive system than other sweeteners. Lite & Sweet may help reduce the risk of dental caries.

Suggested Use
When cooking, replace sugar with Lite & Sweet in equal measurements. Lite & Sweet is heat-stable for cooking and baking. It also mixes and dissolves just like common sugar.*

*Lite & Sweet is a better choice for making hard candies than Xylitol alone.
*Lite & Sweet is not suitable for yeast doughs.

Other Ingredients
100% pure erythritol & xylitol – No fillers, flow agents or other additives.



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